The 33rd

2009 anthology

Drexel University is the only university in the country that produces an interdisciplinary, multi-genre anthology that features both student and faculty authored work. The content of The 33rd incorporates the winners of the Freshman Writing Contest, the Publishing Group Essay Contest, and the Week of Writing contest. The published pieces include student personal and research essays, fiction, poetry, non-fiction, humor, and opinion/editorial, along with works by current Drexel University faculty members. Released annually in the fall term, The 33rd is being used as a teaching tool in the freshman writing curriculum.

The student staff involved in the publication of The 33rd share responsibilities like assisting in submission management of writing contests and faculty writing, promoting and advertising for the contests, copy-editing and completing other organizational, pre-publication tasks, as well as distributing the anthology.

To order a copy of the 2009 edition of The 33rd, please send a check for $10, made payable to the Drexel Publishing Group, to the following address:

Drexel Publishing Group
Drexel University
Dept. of English and Philosophy
3141 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

To view the Table of Contents of the 2009 volume, please see below.

Freshman Writing












First Place



Devin Scott

Humor as a Representation of Cultural Identity





Second Place



Robin Stevenson

A Future Film Critic


Maryrose Pizzuto

Talking to Blind Men about Elephants





Honorable Mention



Anikka Holt

An Escape through Literature


Bill Hicks

Valuing Process, not Products


Kenneth Leibig

No Country for Good Men


Mark Inchoco

Music and Humanity


Samuel Hernandez-Gill

Form or Substance


Sarah Meszaros

“Yes Sir!” Are Women Still Under the Authority of Men?


Sukdeep Singh

Tipping: The Dynamics of Restaurants and Diners















Publishing Group Essays













First Place



Victoria Spellman

Anton Chekhov’s ‘The Cherry Orchard’


Sara  Parysz

The Death with Dignity Act: Legalizing Assisted Suicide Across the United States





Second Place



Lauren Reisinger

Palestinian Refugees Have a Right to Return


Katrina Gaudier

The Divine Image





Social Sciences






First Place



Lauren Reisinger

Transnational Advocacy Against Female Genital Mutilation


Zoha Ahmed

Exploring Female Literacy Across the Arab World








Second Place



Anjali Sethias

Doctors and Nurses in America


Sara Parysz

Censored America: What We Do Not Know is What We Should Know


Elizabeth Fox

Gender Benders





Math and Science






First Place



Gordon Dexter

Alpha Geek


Anjana Santhanaman

Chromosome 2: An Evolutionary Missing Link





Second Place



Giby V. George

The Paradox Yet Poignancy of Uncertainty in the Art of Medicine


Michael D. McHugh

Medicine as Science or Art?: The Historical Influence of Edward Jenner














First Place



Timothy Jones

Science and Art in a Time of War


Travis Hoppe

The Wall





Week of Writing


















First Place



Laurel Hostak

Song of Eurydice





Second Place



Tammy Tang

Ode to Philadelphia





Honorable Mention



Sandra S. Darkwah

Lot’s Wife


Victoria Spellman

Hotel Coronado


Conor Schaefer

Ruins of the Future











First Place



Emily Homrok






Second Place



Andrew Segedin

Do Right





Honorable Mention



Amber Turner

As You Were


Michael B. Harris-Peyton

Friendly Duty











First Place



Ian Micir

The Collegiate Experience





Second Place



Brett Haymaker

Another Month of Coke





Honorable Mention



Lydia Smith

Talk of Hinges











First Place



Alexandre Chabot

Music Industry’s Creative Approach





Second Place



Anjana Santhanam

Eager Fans Await Where’s Bin Laden





Honorable Mention



Victoria Spellman

For the Love of Bagels











First Place



Tim McGovern

…And Non-Believers





Second Place



Furrah Qureshi

Reporters Worldwide Battle for Freedom





Honorable Mention



Anjana Santhanam

In Defense of Childhood Vaccination

















Faculty Writing









Stacey Elizabeth Ake

If It Only Happened This Way


Peter Amato

Human Nature, Thomas Hobbes, and Philosophy (Or, How a Philosopher Who Argued That We All Deserve Peace Came To Be Seen As a Champion of Violence and War)


Jan Armon

Dear Amy


James D. Herbert, Amy M. Neeren, and Michael R. Lowe

Clinical Intuition and Scientific Evidence: What is Their Role in Treating Eating Disorders? 


Cassandra Hirsch

A Visit to Macedonia on the Way to Paris


Valerie Fox

Reading Apollinaire



After Prague


Maria Hnaraki

The Palette of a Life


Miriam Kotzin

Going Under



Weights & Measures


Lynn Levin

Startalk: Specials to Nick, Eric, Tiffany, Paula, and Mr. Schaeffer 



The White Puzzle


Harriet Levin Millan

The Christmas Show





Don Riggs

Lazy Dog – Poetry vs. Prose


Elizabeth Thorpe

A Clean Break


Scott Warnock

Not Enough Police in Philly?







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