A publication of the Department of English & Philosophy at Drexel University

The 33rd

2009 anthology

Drexel University is the only university in the country that produces an interdisciplinary, multi-genre anthology that features both student and faculty authored work. The content of The 33rd incorporates the winners of the Freshman Writing Contest, the Publishing Group Essay Contest, and the Week of Writing contest. The published pieces include student personal and research essays, fiction, poetry, non-fiction, humor, and opinion/editorial, along with works by current Drexel University faculty members. Released annually in the fall term, The 33rd is being used as a teaching tool in the freshman writing curriculum.

The student staff involved in the publication of The 33rd share responsibilities like assisting in submission management of writing contests and faculty writing, promoting and advertising for the contests, copy-editing and completing other organizational, pre-publication tasks, as well as distributing the anthology.

To order a copy of the 2009 edition of The 33rd, please send a check for $10, made payable to the Drexel Publishing Group, to the following address:

Drexel Publishing Group
Drexel University
Dept. of English and Philosophy
3141 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

To view the Table of Contents of the 2014 volume, please see below.

Freshman Writing












First Place
Cindy Phan For the Sake of Enjoyment
Second Place
Joe Wang Alice in Normal-land
Third Place
Tirhak Saha


 Humor–No Laughing Matter
Honorable Mention
Nidhi George No Time to be Breathless
Allison Law The New Art of Letter Writing
Gregory Przbylski To My Dearest
Maria Raggousis Performing Music and a Student’s Personal Identity















Publishing Group Essays













First Place
Sara Adigba Change
Second Place
Alissa Falcone Suicide by Way of Conrad Nurses
Social Sciences
First Place
Brittany MacLean Assigning Identity: A Critique of Testimony as Memorial Practice
Second Place
Alina Toporas Multilingualism as a Survival Tool Kit in the 21st Century and How America Is
 Third Place
Bhavya Sharma The Curious Case of Arab Spring











Edward Seamans Ada
Taylor Bush

James Warren

Anamnesis: An Exploration of Memory

Ghosts Out of Time











Week of Writing


















First Place
Joseph Esposito Beyond the Panes
Second Place
Taylor Bush Fat
Honorable Mention
Stephen Goff Dear Diana (a poem for Diana by Augustus Saint-Gaudens)












First Place








Second Place



Julia Timko Unsteady










First Place
Jen Jolles Terminal: A Myth of Futility
Second Place
Gaia Faigon Lonely and Broken
 Liz Pollack Five AM
Honorable Mention
Jason Ludwig The Dawson Center












Faculty Writing









Stacey Elizabeth Ake


Jan Armon

Burning the Hydra: Or, why we are all sons of bitches now

Toomey Gave up too Easily

Paula Marantz Cohen Glory at the Fountain of Coca Cola
Ingrid Daemmrich Humor as the Celebrity-Maker: Recreating Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass in Multi-Media
Blythe Davenport The Lost Folktales of Laurel Hill
Tim Fitts Stripping Roses
Valerie Fox Two Important Questions on Ant Individuality and Two Important Questions Concerning Students
Henry Israeli New Year in the Old Country
Lynn Levin Stay Lucky
Usha Menon Hinduisn, Happiness and Wellbeing: A Case Study of Adulthood in an Oriya Hindu Temple Town
Harriet Levin Millan Yalla!
Kathleen Volk Miller Choosing Childfree
Donna McVey Can Mass Shootings be Prevented?
Anna-Marie Obajtek-Kirkwood Banks and Capital: A New World Order


Marilyn Gaye Piety On Death and Dying
Shelia Sandapen Rhetoric, Plato, The Fourth Doctor Who and How to Tell a Cracking Good Story
Marshall Warfield Motel Swimming Pool, Late Afternoon
Scott Warnock Where do you keep your hoes?: Standardized Tests are Destroying Education