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Scott Stein is Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of English and Philosophy at Drexel University and Co-Director of the Drexel Publishing Group. The book Drexel University Off the Record (the unauthorized guide for prospective students) lists “Scott Stein’s Humor & Comedy Writing class” as one of the “Ten Best Things About Drexel.” Stein is the author of the novels Lost and Mean Martin Manning and the editor of When Falls the Coliseum: a journal of American culture (or lack thereof). He has been interviewed by Reason magazine, the Bibliothecary blog, and New York magazine, and his novels have been reviewed by such publications as The American Spectator, Liberty, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Philadelphia City Paper. His short fiction, book reviews, and essays have been published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, The G.W. Review, Liberty, National Review, PopMatters.com, and Art Times.

Kathleen Volk Miller is the Managing Editor of Painted Bride Quarterly, a 35-year-old nationally recognized independent literary magazine. She has published fiction, personal essays, and articles in numerous publications, including Red Booth Review, The Smart Set, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. She has also published pedagogy papers, won a teaching award while at Rutgers University, and speaks at various conferences on marketing, publishing online, working with student interns, and teaching with technology. She takes great pride in being born the same day as Houdini, Bob Marley, and Princess Haalah bint Al Hashim, and in her arm wrestling skills.

Co-ops (Fall/Winter 2012-2013)

 Amanda Ryan is a Communications major with a double concentration in both Corporate Public Relations and Global Journalism. She enjoys pumpkin coffee and hasn’t eaten meat in over a year.

Staff (Fall 2012)

Kaitlyn Benesch is a Communications major concentrating in Public Relations. She loves reading science fiction and historical fiction, and sometimes writes poetry when she gets bored.

Lindsey Fratz is a senior Communications major with a concentration in Technical and Science Writing. She enjoys listening to music most people have never heard of, drawing, dabbling in Photoshop, and watching re-runs of Criminal Minds every night since there never seems to be anything else on.

Helen Nowotnik is a pre-junior communication major with a minor in business administration. Helen is also the Editor in Chief of The Triangle, Drexel’s independent student newspaper. Helen enjoys sitcoms, romcoms and all the other coms. She also plays in the Drexel pep-band and roots for the Drexel Dragons.

Blake Pendergrass is a senior Entrepreneurship major. Hailing from Lansdowne PA, Blake is an avid, life-long writer whose other interests include collecting sneakers, playing video games, and scouring Netflix for interesting titles.

Francisco Santoni is a senior English major working towards his Certificate in Creative Writing and Publishing. He focuses his time on poetry, non-fiction writing, studying, reconnecting with old hometown friends and capturing images and moments that he fears will slip away.

Brooke Segarra is an English major at Drexel University concentrating in creative writing and publishing. She is also a DJ on Drexel’s radio station WKDU. Brooke enjoys reading, writing, Beat Generation literature, blogging, and long conversations over coffee.