Join Us

You can become a part of the Drexel Publishing Group (DPG) in the following ways:


An intern for the DPG will begin to acquire experience in writing and publishing by participating in the tasks that go into the overall operation of the DPG: assisting in the content management of its several publications; reading, evaluating and editing submissions; aiding in planning and promoting public and school events; writing for DPG Online.


Co-op positions are available throughout the school year to those staff members who have been interns and who have acquired the necessary skills and maturity to handle a broad array of DPG responsibilities, which include, but are not limited to: acting as the managing editor for DPG Online, PBQ, and The 33rd; assisting in the planning and coordination of the Week of Writing and other events; writing and editing for DPG Online; and delegating responsibilities to junior staff.

Independent Study

The DPG offers independent study opportunities for academic credit to students interested in working for the DPG. Independent study allows students to take a narrower approach and allows for a more focused involvement in the DPG. For example, grant writing for PBQ and Maya could be an independent study.