The Zombie Apocalypse

I often find myself, almost reluctantly, reading books, watching movies, and playing games that in one way or another involve zombies. On one such occasion, I had purchased the video game Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. The story takes place out in the Wild West and the player assumes the role of Mr. Badass-Outlaw-with-a-Heart-of-Gold, whose … Continue reading »


I like this ALOT

One of my absolute favorite blogs of all time is Hyperbole and a Half. It’s a blog, a comic, a narrative, and an autobiography of the creator, Allie Brosh. She combines simple comic panels with brief, written paragraphs to create a unique storytelling experience that is absolutely hilarious. A particularly funny entry is about the … Continue reading »


Don’t Make Me Think!

A few quarters ago I took the communications class “Electronic Publishing.” The class itself was fairly interesting, but what I got most out of the class came from the required textbook (which was surprising given the fact that my textbooks, if I buy them, often go unread). The book Don’t Make Me Think!: A Common … Continue reading »


The Philadelphia Book Festival!

The fifth annual Philadelphia Book Festival commences today! That means for the next week (up until April 16), you can take part in interactive performances, StorySlam, a Harry Potter Film Festival, poetry readings, musical performances, and discussions with authors, including… Tina Fey?! The event is the largest literary street fair in the region and features … Continue reading »


Graphic novels are publications, too!

The world of graphic novels is often an underrepresented, or misrepresented, genre of publication. With the term “graphic novel,” most people envision masked superhero comics or magical, outlandish manga. But in reality, graphic novels can encompass multiple genres and art styles. From horror to autobiography to historical fiction, graphic novels combine both visual imagery and … Continue reading »