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Ah Bartleby, ah research papers!

On my refrigerator, I have a large whiteboard that lists each of my classes, and the corresponding assignments that are due next in those classes. I like having a visual representation of my assignments, and I also love the feeling of crossing them out as one less thing to worry about. This has the added bonus of me not gaining weight during finals, because I don’t want to go near the refrigerator at all.

I’ve lucked out this term and I only have one final. The downside of this is that those finals have been replaced with research papers.

My whiteboard reads a little something like this:

Class 1: Research Paper, Final (March 18th)

Class 2: Read pages 400-600. Research Paper

Class 3: Feature Article – Query Letter (Writers)

Class 4: Feature Article (Navy)

Class 5: This week’s homework(x2), Final Paper

These papers are all a minimum of 1200 words a pop, I have one due for each of my classes. I know, I still have plenty of time, it’s possible to do all of these papers in ten days if I focus a little bit on them a little bit at a time. My biggest fear is that I’m going to confuse them all together. I’ll be in the middle of describing Post 9/11 literature, and mix in some information about the political situation in Kenya.Worse, I’ll confuse my feature articles and write on writers writing about the Navy.

I’m thinking I’m a little neurotic in my organizational skills. I’m forgetful, so if I find I have to do anything I’ll write it down immediately. Am I the only one with a magic whiteboard? How do you guys organize your own chaos?

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