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Warrior Writers reading this week

I belong to the small community of military veterans around Drexel. Out of all of the colleges I looked at, ours is the best in caring for their vets. We have unique needs, and Drexel has our back.

I know some might get irritated when it comes time to registering for classes because we always get first pick. There’s a really good reason for this, Veterans Affairs (aka: VA aka: Big Government) needs to be notified weeks in advance in order to process our payments. It can take a while for the VA to process our claim, and I could bore you with the details, but if the VA doesn’t pay for our classes, we don’t get to attend. I guess what I’m saying is to please be patient with us.

My military experience shaped a large part of who I am, is allowing me to pay for college, and gave me a strong work ethic. It also put me through the worst stress I’ve ever experienced. An unexpected cost/benefit is that my experience also leads to a boat-load (Navy joke) of material for my writing. Sometimes, while I was deployed, it was my only outlet for relief. It turns out that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Warrior Writers are a small Philadelphia based community of writers and artists that are seeking to express themselves through written and physical art. They’re an amazing and talented group of individuals who have served their country and are now serving the art scene by providing a one-of-a-kind view.

If you’re curious and want to check it out, the Warrior Writers are going to have a reading at Moore College this Friday at 6pm. It’s free to the public, and if you’re a veteran, they offer a free writing workshop at 2pm. Go check it out and support this great group! Also, be patient around registration, we deserve college as much as you do!

Jessica Laird is a sophomore English major at Drexel University. She spends her free time writing stories and saving the Mushroom Kingdom with a few plumbers. She is weary from her battles with King Koopa, and grows tired of the princess being in another castle--yet again.

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