Dr. Suess made pesticides a household name

I recently came across an article about Dr. Suess’s role in making pesticides a common household item.  In the 1920’s a major oil company  (Standard Oil) branched out into bug sprays.  They noticed that Theodor Geisel used some of their spray guns in his illustrations and contacted him to create cartoon ads for their company.  At the end of the article you can take a look at a few of the drawings for the Flit pesticide spray that Geisel created.

I thought this was pretty interesting, considering most of Geisel’s writings were pro-environment.  The article addresses this also, saying that perhaps he realized that by working for the pesticide company he realized he wasn’t sending the message he wanted to send.  It was later that he published his famed book, The Lorax, which is pro-environment and anti-industry.

Lindsey Fratz is a senior Communications major who previously worked as a co-op for DPG and PBQ, but is now an Intern. She spends her free time dabbling in photography, writing Tiny Stories, going to concerts, and catching up on Doctor Who.

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