With what speed do you read?

I always think I am TOO fast of a reader.   Take this test at Staples and see how you score.  I’ll tell you my results if you tell me yours.

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6 thoughts on “With what speed do you read?

  1. Had fun with that one and didn’t do as badly as I thought, but I read it silently. Wonder if I should try it aloud? I always tell my students that when you read silently (at least, your own work) you miss things – the good, the bad, and the grammatically incorrect or incongruous. Think I’ll go back and do it again with voice. Thanks for this!

  2. Apparently I don’t read as fast as I used to read. I clocked in 642 words per minute. Sadly, I am not at the level of the average college professor or a high-scoring college student. I think that this test would’ve been more accurate if the stories weren’t popular since I’ve read all of the novels before and had some background knowledge to answer the questions. I think as a follow-up to this, it would be interesting to keep track of what people say after they take the reading test. Do they make excuses for their performance or just accept their score and move on? Do they re-take the exam?

  3. I just took the test, and I got a score of 276 words per minute. I was surprised to see that I was almost exactly between the score of the average eight grader and the average adult, but after I thought about this more, I realized that this was not too important. I read slow so that I can comprehend everything that I read. Although I do not read too fats, I am usually about to understand the reading and answer questions correctly about the reading, just like I did in the test.

  4. I got 155 words per minute. I do not think reading is about speed though bc i got all the questions right. I have to be able to really envision the story because otherwise I feel that I am not focusing at all. I also have a short attention span so it usually takes me awhile to read a book,but I do read books on my leisure time and I wish I could get better with my short attention span. It says it would take me 63 hours to read war and peace so I will probably never read this book haha. After doing this test perhaps my reading speed will improve I hope haha.

  5. That was a very interesting test, it said I am 13% faster than average with a speed of 287 words per minute, which honestly isn’t very impressive. However, having answered all of the questions right perhaps I retained more information than your average speed reader. I have always known that I am not a very speedy reader but its never been any detriment to me.

  6. I read at 516 words per minute. This marks me between an average college student and a high-level executive. I also got all the questions right, meaning that I comprehended everything I read. I feel like a fast reader could save lots of time, but the important part is whether or not the reader can comprehend it. A slow reader may be able to generate more ideas than a fast reader, and I feel like that puts the slow reader at an advantage.

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