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Food Truck Madness
by Ruth Torres
On any given day, around noon, you can find me at one of the food trucks [...]

The Essential Indian Questionnaire
by Bhavya Sharma
“The WHAT?” You utter in disbelief. I repeat, “The essential Indian-questionnaire”. You glance at me like [...]

College Dreams vs Real Life (Part 1)
by Isabella Fidanza
I have so many of these little comparisons floating around in my head that I figured [...]

Moving Out
by Casey Condon
My former home sweet home This past summer I ended my 2-year stint as an RA [...]

Korman and You
by Ruth Torres
Week 1 of fall term is possibly the busiest time on campus. Over the last four [...]

At Drexel
by Hans Goerner
The end of this term marks my first full year living off campus. There are things [...]

Problems of the Perpetually Forgetful
by Isabella Fidanza
Being a university student gives your brain, in my opinion, some interesting priorities. If you need [...]

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Instagram has become more than an app and a social media site, it has become an addiction. When the app first launched in 2010, it had over one million users in a span of two months. Four years later, Instagram has around 200 million active monthly users...Read more

It’s a late July evening in Lakewood, New Jersey when the wedding begins. The reception hall—buzzing with dozens of distorted conversations moments before—goes dead silent...Read more

Last year, I was just a lonely freshman wondering what the hell I was doing at Drexel...Read more

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Milky with a Chance of [Unintelligible]
by Casey Condon
“And we were young souls on the [unintelligible]; now we are [not sure... young?] minds full [...]

SEPTA: Grammar Offenders
by Isabella Fidanza
It never ceases to both amuse and annoy me that SEPTA, along with whoever is working with [...]

Run. Hide. Fight.
by Ruth Torres
No, it’s not the tagline for a new zombie movie. It’s the latest line of defense, [...]

The Drexel Shaft
by Bhavya Sharma
Innocuous freshmen often ask me what the term “shafting” denotes. I look at them pityingly, not [...]

The death of memorized poetry
by Marshall Warfield
In October, the poetry and memory project (across the Atlantic) will conduct a survey to see [...]

Me, You, and How To
by Casey Condon
“Click ‘Okay’ to confirm your selection.” “Warning: do not leave powered on for extended periods of [...]

Everyone Knows Everyone
by Hans Goerner
Many readers of The Hobbit are not particularly fond of Peter Jackson’s recent adaptation because it [...]

The Art of Repetition
by Sana Karim
I feel like, as we get older and collect our own experiences, we have a select [...]

The Point
by Hans Goerner
While discussing Dante’s Inferno today, someone brought up (legitimately) that the final circle of hell did [...]

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