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On continuing to write
by Johanna Oberto
I want to be an author in the future, and I have been working steadily towards […]

The narrow world of English language literature
by Melissa Rodier
When I get ready to write one of these Word posts I don’t always have an […]

Why Google Translate doesn’t work
by Lauren Patterson
I was in a hurry to finish my Spanish homework so I pulled up Google Translate. […]

Angerful subject
by Timothy Rogers
Has anyone ever tried to explain to you that while you can be “healthy,” your food […]

Check out “The Man in the High Castle”
by Joseph Tomasso
Aside from new classes and New Year’s resolutions, the turn from one year into the next […]

The Drexel bond
by Lauren Patterson
There is an unspoken bond between Drexel students. We know the struggles of the quarter system, […]

Caught in the act
by Melissa Rodier
In my usual game of “follow that link” that I play when I get online, I […]

Revisting old writing
by Lauren Patterson
I was recently tasked with reviewing, evaluating, redrafting and improving a piece of writing from a […]

The Stand-up philosopher
by Joseph Tomasso
Hello there fellow Dragons, I just wanted to talk about a film called “History of the […]

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The Hans brings it on tour days
by Lauren Patterson
I’m an upperclassman but I still have a meal plan. I regularly frequent the Hans for […]

Naming conventions
by Timothy Rogers
Does this bother anyone else? I saw the name on some mailing or other from Drexel and […]

My (studying) montage soundtrack
by Joseph Tomasso
  Hey there, folks. As the title suggests, I’m trying to find the right background music […]

Restaurant Week 2015
by Johanna Oberto
Twice a year, restaurants throughout the Philadelphia area participate in an event known as Restaurant Week.  […]

Keeping organized
by Melissa Rodier
Between classes, work, commuting, and everything in between it can be hard to figure out how […]

Can we be adults?
by Timothy Rogers
I’m taking a class called Anthropology of Gender. I recommend it. Recently, something happened in class […]

Where will you be when the wi-fi disappears?
by Joseph Tomasso
I have terrible news, @Drexel readers, I went through a great trial today, and I think […]

Lunch at Cucina Zapata
by Johanna Oberto
At the end of the food truck line, between Bossone and Main, there is an orange […]

Welcome back…
by Joseph Tomasso
…I guess. Like plenty of you out there, I’ve returned to the land of cheesesteaks and […]

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When I was just a young boy growing up in the suburbs, my father had his own personal office in our house. In this office there were books, computers, and other typical office supplies. However, there was one instrument that always caught my attention. It was a typewriter...Read more

It’s Friday, October 31st and, instead of staying up to meet the first day of my sixth try at National Novel Writing Month so I can start throwing words onto paper to try to fulfill my daily goal, I go to sleep at midnight. I feel guiltier than expected, but I promise myself I’ll wake up early to write...Read more

I could have walked right past it if I had not been looking for it so desperately. On a busy road on 5th South Street lies a small shop on the first floor of a rustic building...Read more

Riveting news is supposed to be delivered in a phone call. Popular films have reminded us of this again and again. When such news involves the death of a loved one...Read more

A few months ago I had a short stay in a Philadelphia hospital. Due to a lack of space on a more fitting floor, I was placed on a floor that also held many transient individuals...Read more

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